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Melodor Akitas

The Innovative Kennel 


Melodor Kennels Est. 1965.

Breeder of Champions Worldwide.

All dogs hip-scored, eye tested & DNA Profiled.


Top Breeder Ireland 2012

Breeder or owner of

Irish Champion 2012

European BOB winner 2011

Dutch Champion 2011

Belgian Champion 2011

Irish Champion 2011

World Champion Bitch 2011

Vice World Champion Bitch 20011

World Champion Puppy 2011

World Champion Veteran 2011

Top Akita Male 2010 UK

Top Akita Belgium 2010

Top Group 5 Belgium 2010

3 x BEST in SHOW Belarus 2010

Top Akita Europe 2009
Top Akita UK 2009

Res. Best in Show European Winners Show 2009 Ireland
European Winner Bitch 2009
European Winner Dog 2009
European Winner Puppy 2009
Europa Seigerin 2009
Res BEST IN SHOW Livorno Italy 2009

BEST IN SHOW Sardinia 2009
Top Akita Europe 2008
Top Akita UK 2008
Top Akita South Africa 2008
Top Puppy Australia 2008
Top Akita Bitch Finland 2008
Top Akita Bitch Germany 2008
Top Akita Brazil 2008

BEST IN SHOW Austria 2008
BEST IN SHOW Malta 2008

Res BEST IN SHOW Eukanuba Top Dog Challenge Swiss.
BEST IN SHOW Austria 2008
Res. Best in Show Orvieto Italy 2008
BEST IN SHOW Nola Italy 2008
Res. Best in Show Switzerland 2008
EuropaSeiger 2008
Luxembourg 2008
Best Dog & BOB Crufts 2007
Res. Best Bitch Crufts 2006
Top Akita in Europe 2006
Top Akita in Europe 2005
Best of Breed Crufts 2000
Best Dog Crufts 2000

Best Bitch & BOB Crufts 2000








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